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Introduction to Essential Oil Health

Essential Oils has been around for ages. The ancient egyptians were using it. Today, with advances in technology in health and medicine, natural extracts can be refine to create effective oils that helps individuals have longer and healthier looking skin. With Essential Oil Health products, we can get your skin looking vital and you feeling energetic. Apply to your skin topically, inhale it aromatically or digest it. You can start seeing the healthy looking and skin you always wanted. So if you are in the area, call today and take advantage of this product.


Essential Oils Wholesale

Here is a product line of the essential oils and its flavors. If you are interested in become a wholesaler, please contact our reps.

Essential Oils Flavors and Methods of Use

Discover nature’s most valuable and exotic botanicals. These quality oils can help improve your emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. Essential Oils have the power to create rich user experiences. There are three basic ways to use and benefit from essential oils: Aromatically, which involves smelling or breathing them through the nose or mouth, internally, and topically, or applying them directly to the skin.

Aromatically (A)

Oils can be inhaled or diffused in the air
with an Améo diffuser.

Dilute (D)

Oils require dilution with a carrier oil such as
Améo Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Topically (T)

Oils can be applied to skin. Some oils require
dilution with a carrier oil.

Sensitive Skin (S)

Oils should be used with caution on delicate skin;
a carrier oil may be useful to dilute.

Internally (I)

Oils can be taken internally in foods, beverages,
or an Améo Veggie Cap.

Photosensitivity (P)

Oils require avoidance of direct sunlight or UV rays
for at least 12 hours after application.

Neat (N)

Oils require no dilution.



Abies balsamea

Balsam Fir’s uplifting fragrance can help individuals overcome winter blues and encourage feelings of satisfaction and delight. It is used to soothe sore areas by increasing circulation and promoting normal respiratory function. Balsam Fir oil grounds the body and empowers the mind by balancing emotions and
reducing moodiness.

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Citrus bergamia

Bergamot essential oil is citrusy with spicy undertones. It is known as a terrific natural deodorizer. It can be diffused or applied topically to bring about a relaxing environment where individuals can uplift their mood. Bergamot oil can also be taken internally to help regulate appetite. It adapts to the specific needs of the person using it.

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Piper nigrum

Améo Black Pepper Essential Oil, which is extracted from ripe peppercorns, has a musky, spicy scent. Black Pepper oil can be used to promote normal circulation, normal digestion and normal respiratory function. The fragrance of the oil is stimulating and empowering. Black Pepper oil can also stimulate the appetite and ease tired and sore muscles.

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Cinnamomum verum

The scent of Cinnamon oil stirs the appetite, arouses and warms the senses, and can create feelings of comfort. Other benefits include helping maintain healthy blood sugar levels and promoting normal immune system function. Cinnamon oil helps release frustration and attracts wealth by transforming our beliefs about limitations into prosperity.

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Cupressus sempervirens

This oil has a fresh, piney scent that is especially popular during colder months. It is used extensively in spa therapy and treatments to beautify the skin. It has a long history of use, including promoting normal circulation and respiratory function. Mentally, Cypress oil helps create a sense of stability and security.

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Syzygium aromaticum

The contrast of sweet and spicy aromas and flavors found in Clove essential oil is very exotic and exciting. Clove is a popular cooking spice and is also valued for its numerous health benefits. Clove contains the largest antioxidant value of any oil, which helps protect cells from damaging free radicals. It is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

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Eucalyptus globulus

Eucalyptus Globulus oil has a crisp, stimulating aroma that makes it perfect for both aromatic and topical use. It is often employed to help support healthy respiratory system function. Eucalyptus Globulus oil also has a calming effect on the mind and body, including relieving sore muscles after exercise and
increasing concentration.

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Eucalyptus radiata

With a fresh and invigorating scent, Eucalyptus Radiata essential oil is used often to promote normal respiratory function for the variety of beneficial compounds found naturally within it. The oil promotes overall well-being. It also has a calming effect on the mind and body, including relieving sore muscles after exercise.

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Boswellia frereana

Frankincense is highly sought after, studied, and employed by many health-conscious consumers and practitioners worldwide. The oil has a pleasant, spicy aroma that promotes relaxation and tranquility. It can be used to ease stress and enhance your mood. It is also used to improve skin because of its natural anti-aging and cell-protective properties.

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Pelargonium graveolens

Améo Geranium Essential Oil supports normal circulatory function and has a dose of supportive antioxidants. Its sweet smell can provide an uplifting aromatic experience that in turn fosters peace and well-being. Dilute and use Geranium essential oil topically to promote normal blood flow, which aids in restoring skin to its natural state.

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Zingiber officinale

Ginger essential oil often exceeds the expectations of users because of its broad array of aromatic, topical and internal applications. Its lively and vigorous scent stimulates the appetite and has a positive effect on the digestive system; in fact, Ginger oil can be used to promote normal intestinal function. It mixes well with almost all other oils.

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Citrus x paradisi

Grapefruit essential oil’s fresh, natural citrus scent uplifts the mind and satisfies the senses. Grapefruit has become a
favorite among oil lovers for its sanitizing, energizing and weight management properties. Grapefruit oil is most commonly used to clean toxins from the body. Like other citrus oils, it has an inspiring scent that can increase energy.

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Helichrysum italicum

Helichrysum essential oil is greatly cherished by users because of its valuable cleansing properties. Helichrysum oil is calming and uplifting. It’s known to help release emotional blocks embedded in the mind and create a sense of security. It also has highly valued natural anti-aging properties and can help soothe sore areas of the body.

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Citrus limon

Lemon essential oil is crisp and refreshing, with an array of health benefits. It is employed extensively in cooking, cleaning, topical application, ingestion and more. It is also rich in antioxidants, which protect cells from damaging free radicals. Lemon oil helps boost the immune system with its natural Vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, citric acid, and bioflavonoids.

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Cymbopogon flexuosus

Lemongrass essential oil has an earthy citrus scent that positively affects the mind and body. While Lemongrass was historically used as a natural cleanser and cooking ingredient, its applications are even more versatile today. It has the ability to soothe sore muscles and support normal digestive function.

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Origanum majorana

Historically, Marjoram has been called the “happiness herb” due to its emotional promotion of longevity. Marjoram oil can also be used to promote respirtory health. It is rich in antioxidants, which protect cells from damaging free radicals it also
calms the mind and body. Marjoram oil can be used to promote respiratory health.

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Commiphora myrrha

Myrrh oil contains a warm, woody scent that can help ground those who use it. Améo Myrrh Essential Oil can be used to help maintain oral health, normal blood circulation, and normal digestive function. Being a powerful antioxidant,
it is commonly used to assist in dry
skin relief, stimulating hair growth and promoting normal intestinal function.

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Myrtus communis

Myrtle helps promote normal respiratory system function, even in children who are sensitive to many other oils; in fact, it shares many aromatic properties with Eucalyptus Radiata oil. It is also used to alleviate minor skin problems. Mentally, it helps release feelings of anger or inner conflict, replacing them instead with a sense of accomplishment and peace.

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Myristica fragrans

Améo Nutmeg Essential Oil has a rich, woody and spicy scent. The oil provides balance and revitalizes the mind when used topically and aromatically. Nutmeg oil can help maintain normal circulatory and digestive function. It can enhance
flavor and add character when used in culinary dishes.

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Citrus sinensis

Orange is an intense, tangy essential oil that easily invigorates brain and body, making it a favorite of aromatherapy
enthusiasts. It can be used to freshen the air, repel insects naturally, help relieve stress, aid in digestion, and encourage metabolic detoxification. The oil is also rich in antioxidants, which protect cells from damaging free radicals.

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Origanum vulgare

Oregano—a member of the mint family
—is a well-known culinary herb that can be found in kitchens around the world. Due to Oregano oil’s various cleansing properties, it has a wide array of uses. Its sharp and herbaceous scent has a positive influence on mind, body, and spirit, making individuals feel more safe and secure.

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Pogostemon cablin

Patchouli essential oil, which contains
many beneficial applications, can be found in various romantic blends. When used aromatically, Patchouli provides a serene sense of clarity and helps release negative
thoughts. It is also used to promote normal digestion and normal intestinal function. When used topically, it can aid in minor skin irritations and restoration.

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Mentha piperita

Peppermint is a powerful, distinct essential oil that immediately ignites the senses. Once inhaled or consumed, it goes right to work stimulating the mind and body.
Peppermint oil is used aromatically, topically and internally to aid in digestive health, relieve stress, and freshen breath. Massaging with the oil can help relieve skin redness and irritations.

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Chamaemelum nobile

With a sweet, crisp, apple-like aroma, Roman Chamomile has the ability to provide mental, physical, and spiritual support to those who learn to use it properly. Its mildness makes it a great choice for children in promoting normal immune system health. It can also be used to improve the look and feel of skin.

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Rosmarinus officinalis
Rosemary has a wide array of benefits, making it popular among both novice and expert oil users. Health benefits include hair growth stimulation, boosted mental activity, and normal respiratory function. It is also used topically in skin and beauty regimens. Rosemary oil is rich in antioxidants, which protect cells from damaging free radicals.

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Santalum austrocaledonicum
Sandalwood oil, with its appealing aroma and long list of aromatic, topical and
internal uses, is said to offer more benefits to the the skin than any other botanical or essential oil. Sandalwood also naturally creates deep nervous system relaxation. Sandalwood oil helps retain moisture and restore skin when applied topically.

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Picea mariana
Spruce essential oil smells similar to other fir and pine oils, but with a softer and sweeter aroma. Spruce oil has an immediate grounding effect, helping to calm and focus the mind and body. It also has a way of connecting us with not only the earth, but also ourselves. Spruce oil promotes normal immune system function.

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Ocimum basilicum

With a sweet and spicy scent and flavor, Sweet Basil essential oil is used most often
in cooking and as a dietary supplement; however, it also has numerous applications in aromatherapy for its ability to awaken the mind, calm the nerves, and provide clarity of thought. Sweet Basil can also be used topically to cool the body and skin.

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Citrus reticulata

Tangerine has a fresh, tangy scent that invigorates the mind and body. One of the key ingredients in Tangerine oil is limonene, which has several protective properties.Tangerine oil also promotes normal circulatory and digestive function. Similar to Grapefruit, Orange and Lemon oils, it can be used as a natural household cleaner and refresher.

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Melaleuca alternifolia

Tea Tree essential oil—also known as “melaleuca” oil—has been used among
many cultures worldwide. Its woody and herbaceous scent refreshes and cleanses the mind and body. It has become an extremely popular oil thanks to its ability to promote normal immune system function. Tea Tree oil also protects skin from harmful sun damage.

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Thymus vulgaris

Thyme essential oil, which has a warm and spicy aroma, has a long history of use in cooking and aromatherapy. Thyme oil is a great alternative to harsh chemicals for cleaning the body, home, or any other
dwelling spaces. It is also rich in antioxidants, which protect cells from damaging free radicals.

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Lavandula angustifolia

True Lavender is known as one of nature’s most fragrant and versatile oils. It calms and relaxes the mind and body and improves balance, energy, and overall well-being. It is highly sought-after for use in skin care and natural cleaning products. True Lavender oil may also be used to soothe occasional cuts, bruises and skin irritations.

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Vetiveria zizanioides

Vetiver essential oil—nicknamed the “oil of tranquility”—has been used for centuries
by many people and cultures. Its extensive
use continues to be popular today. Vetiver essential oil has many cosmetic, aromatic, and hygienic benefits and uses. It can also provide people of all ages with a clear and revitalized mindset.

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Gaultheria procumbens

Wintergreen essential oil, extracted from the small leaves of the evergreen herb, has a distinctive fresh and minty scent. While often associated with its use in toothpaste, mouthwash, candy and chewing gum, Wintergreen offers so much more; when used properly, the oil can heighten each of the five senses on all levels.

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Cananga odorata

Known for its charming and romantic scent, Ylang Ylang Complete essential oil is a natural aphrodisiac. It can also help release feelings of tension and irritation. YlangYlang Complete oil has been used to promote thicker, healthier hair. It is also used in various anti-aging health and beauty regimens.

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