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Essential Oils has been around for centuries. The ancient egyptians were using it. Today, with the advances of technology in health and medicine, natural extracts can be refine to create effective oils that helps individuals have longer and healthier looking skin. With Essential Oil Health products, we can get your skin looking vital and you feeling energetic. Apply to your skin topically, inhale it aromatically or digest it. You can start seeing the healthy looking and skin you always wanted. So if you are in the area, call today and take advantage of this product.


What is an Essential Oil Diffuser?

One of the most popular application for essential oils is to diffuse them into the air, making it breathable. Essential oils are diffused into the air via attractive looking containers. These containers enable you to experience the full benefits of essential oils aromatherapy throughout your home at all times throughout the day. Furthermore, these containers consist of serveral different styles and techniques on how the essential oils are diffused into the air. Whatever style you choose, its purpose is to break down the oil in micro-molecules and spray them into the air carrying with it their scent and benefits. The length of these molecules can last for up to several hours.


When you first buy a diffuser, use it no more than 30 minutes a day until you are used to the oil's effects. Then once you are used to this, you can gradually work your way to using every hour of the day.

How to choose the right Essentail Oil Diffuser

Diffusing Essential Oils is a wonderful alternative to candles, perfume, air fresheners, etc. Within the Essential Oils market there are numerous choices to select from. To select the right on for you, it is important to consider your situation and needs. Knowing what purpose and whee you want to use your diffuser will help you find the right one. Sometimes finding the right one can be very confusing and a long process. You may find yourself looking at numerous reviews, weight out all the pro's and con's before making a decision. To help assist you in making a good decision and helping to expedite your search, we have compiled some research on Essential Oils diffuser.

In your search for the right diffuser, keep these things in mind. Remember that all diffusers have it's shortcomings, inclusing design, annoying features or lack thereof. There is no perfect diffuser out there with everything you are looking for. The best diffuser you can look to get depends on your planned use for it.

To better determined your planned use, ask yourself these following questions.

  • What do you want to use your diffuser mainly for? (ex: freshen the air, help you sleep better, therapeutic uses)
  • Where do you want to use it? How large is the room you will use it in most of the time? (ex: bedroom, office, living area) Certain diffusers don't carry their aroma at far distances, therefore you'll need more than one diffuser to fill up a large room.
  • How long of a duration do you want the diffuser to be turned on? (ex: all day, night only, 20 mins a day)
  • What time or part of day will you be using it? (ex: morning, night, afternoon)
  • Do you want your diffuser to only produce an aroma or be humidifying the air at the same time?

These questions will get onto the right path in search for the best diffuser for your needs. Next up we'll look at the different types of diffusers currently in the marketplace.


Categorizing the different types of Diffusers?

Currently, there are four different types of diffusers commonly used in the market. Each carrying their own advantages and disadvantages. In addition, there are a variety of models and designs to select from. These four types are evaporative, heat, nebulizing and ultrasonic.


Evaporative is the simplist kind of oil diffuser on the market. This diffuser works by either applied directly to a porous surface or droped onto a filter placed in front of a pan using a filter, wick or pad. The essential oil is left to diffuse throughout the area via its fan or heating element that distributes the scent. In the fan method, a fan blows air through a filter, wick or pad thereby evaporating the oils and releasing it into the air. The advantages of using this diffuser is that it requires little supervision and effort. The disadvantages is that it's considered less effective than some of the other types available.

Let's review some of the advantages and disadvanatges of the Evaporative Diffuser.


  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Works well at getting the scent of the oil into the air
  • Easy to change from oil to oil
  • Quiet


  • Doesn’t provide the same therapeutic benefits that the nebulizing or humidifying diffusers do
  • Doesn’t evaporate the whole oil at once, the lighter components of the oil evaporate much faster than the heavier components, this is said to diminish any therapeutic properties the oil possesses
  • Scent goes away quickly and does not fill large areas

Heat diffusers on the other hand uses very gentle level of heat to activate the desired components of the chosen essential oil. Normally the oil is placed into a small tray or bowl-like object that either has a light, candle or heating element under it to heat the oil and dispersing it into the air. They are completely silent. Also the heat allows the aroma of the essential oil to spread more effectively. The disadvantage to this diffuser is that the heat may cause damage to the chemical components of the essential oil. It's also important that you turn off the heat diffuser when left unattended for a long period of time.


If using a heat diffuser, select your heat diffuser carefully in order to avoid damaging the chemical components of the essential oils.

Let's review some of the advantages and disadvanatges of the Heat Diffuser.


  • Perfect for the bedside table, bathroom, or a small area
  • Very low maintenance
  • Easily packable for traveling to make any hotel room smell like home
  • Doesn’t make any noise
  • If it uses a light or candle to heat the oils, the light from it can create a beautiful ambience


  • Not a powerful diffuser, will not fill a large room
  • The aroma is not long-lasting
  • If heated too high some of the oils components may be altered or destroyed
  • If the model uses a candle, this can be a fire hazard so you don’t want to leave the room especially when children or pets are present



Nebulizing diffusers break essential oils down to fine tiny particles before releasing them into the air. It accomplishes this by transforming the essential oils into a near gas-like state without any use of heat or water. The advantages to this diffusers is that the tiny particles can more easily be absorbed, inhaled, and taken into the body. The nebulizer consist of two parts, a glass component that holds and processes the essential oils and a base that holds the motor responsible for sending the essential oil particles into the air. The disadvantage to this diffuser is because of the technology involved, it is considered pricey than other alternatives. Sometimes it is worth the extra dollars because of its effectiveness.


As a rule, try not to use more than 15 minute increments so that you don't become "immune" to the aroma you are diffusing.

Let's review some of the advantages and disadvanatges of the Nebulizing Diffuser.


  • Permeates the air very quickly and may remain suspended for several hours
  • Puts the whole oil into the air, making it the best type of diffusion for therapeutic use of the essential oils
  • Creates a humming sound- some don’t mind the noise, it acts as a white noise to most individuals
  • Low maintenance- you don’t have to clean after each use like you do with a ultrasonic/humidifying diffuser


  • Creates a humming sound because of how powerful it is at quickly saturating the air with essential oils, some people find this bothersome
  • Uses oil more quickly
  • Generally shouldn’t be run for more than 15 minutes at a time but higher quality diffusers should have a timer


The final type of difuser is the Ultrasonic. This oil diffuser is the most commonly used. It is a humidifying diffuser. It is quite unique from others, making use of ultrasonic frequencies. It uses a small vibrating disk underneath the essential oil and water that changes the essentail oils into its micro-particle constituents forming a fog or mist. The advanatges to using this type of diffuser is in drier climates. In this climate, the fine mist of essential oil is accompanied by a fine mist of water, which adds humidity back into the air. other advantages include the fact the it runs silently, which added features for users of all types.

Let's review some of the advantages and disadvanatges of the Ultrasonic Diffuser.


  • Requires less oil than the  nebulizing diffusers (about 4-5 drops per cup of water)
  • Very quiet, on some models you can hear a water trickling sound which many people find relaxing
  • Humidifies the air at the same time
  • Creates a soft fog
  • Many models have a dim, soft light or rotating colors which can have a calming effect


  • Requires high maintenance- most models need to be cleaned after each use and when switching from one oil to another
  • Scent doesn’t travel far- to smell the oils it needs to be a small room or you need to be close to the diffuser (ex: at your bedside or in your office)


Final Verdict

Now that you know what to look for by defining your purpose, asking yourself the right questions, knowing your options and weighing the advanatges and disadvanatages, you are ready to shop and find the best Essential Oils Diffuser for your needs.

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